Rendered Previews of NK Materials

NK files contain optical properties of materials. These were measured in a lab and stored in so-called NK files in a tabular format. This page contains preview renderings of all the NK files that come with the Indigo renderer, including a short description on how to use such files.


Tips and Tricks for Architectural Rendering
A short collection of useful and time-saving tips for architectural visualisation in Blender. Modular modelling, bevelled curves, texturing large brick walls without repeating textures, simultaneously texturing a large number of objects.
Using GI and HDR Lighting in Yafray
Creating realistic GI and HDR lighting setups in Blender for the Yafray renderer. Product visualisation on a white background, visualisation with HDR light probes.

Realistic Walls in Blender
How to create realistic walls in Blender: a method for avoiding repeating - and therefore artificial looking - textures.